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Writing Portfolio
Traciy Curry-Reyes

Traciy Curry-Reyes' TV news and true crime articles are available via Way Back Machine and Pdf files.

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Lisa Eatmon, Roscoe Glinton: Pregnant Mom's Body Found Floating in Hudson River Reminds of Laci Peterson Case

Lance Herndon: Black Atlanta Millionaire Found Dead in Bed Murdered After Sex with Dionne Baugh on Investigation Discovery Tonight

Ana Trujillo, Stefan Andersson: Snapped Will Feature Case of 'Stiletto Heel Killer' Ana Lilia Trujillo Fox on Oxygen Tonight

Sharon Kinne, Patricia Jones: 'La Pistolera' Killer's Story on ID's A 'Crime to Remember'--Where Is She Now?

Shelley Mook '48 Hours' Missing Tennessee Mom's Body Never Found 

Susan Daniels Smith: 'Betrayed'-- Mark Putnam FBI Killer of Pregnant Informant Found Dead in Pikeville, Kentucky Subject of New Crime Series on ID

Susie Newsome, Fritz Klenner: 'Snapped Killer Couples' Ends Season with a Shocking Southern Crime

Shari Bethel, Deon Cartmell: ID's 'Fatal Vows' Outlines Case of Former Marine, Cop Who Shot Wife in Nashville Home

Lanell Barsock, Larene Austin: Black Lesbian Palmdale Nurse Murdered by Craigslist Lover Who Fled Belize on TV One's 'Fatal Attraction'

Donna Yaklich: 'Evil Stepmothers' Mother's Day Episode Re-lives Dennis Yaklich's 1985 Colorado Murder on ID

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Lyntell Washington, a missing pregnant teacher from Louisiana who was later found dead, was killed by her married lover, Robert Marks, 39, an assistant principal at a middle school, WGRZ is reporting today. The 40-year-old Baton Rouge mother was shot and dumped in a sugar cane field, investigators say. Baton Rouge authorities were alerted that something was wrong after Lyntell Washington's three-year-old daughter was found walking around a parking lot aimlessly. When detectives arrived at...

Rosalind Brown, the stepmother who killed her 11-year-old stepson, Christopher Alan Brown, in Michigan, will have her story featured on TV One's show Justice By Any Means. Community members have been following this story since it came to light that Rosalind Brown and her brother, Montel Pettiford, were the killers of this young boy. It took over 20 years before the Christopher Alan Brown's mother, Brenda Simpson, got justice for him. For years, she was told it was an accidental drowning.