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Traciy Curry-Reyes Biography

Originally from Alabama, I've always researched true crime cases. My passion for storytelling began as a child when I ripped and saved crime cases from the local newspaper and listened to my Grandma Romay's riveting true stories. I began as a crime and movie blogger in the 1990s and was the first to compile a list of movies based on true stories and match them to the real people who inspired made-for-TV movies.  Between 2013 & 2017, I've written news for  Examiner and   Inquisitr.  My research and articles have been the basis for over 20 true crime television series "episodes"  and  referenced in several books & podcasts. In 2016, I founded TV Crime Sky and maintained the news site until 2021. That same year (2021), my investigative piece Dead Darrius received over 1 million views on my YouTube channel. For that story, I investigated a decades-old urban legend to see if it was true.  Today, I research long-forgotten, untold true-crime mysteries you’ve nev
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Researching & Archiving True Crime & Movies Based on True Stories Are My Passion.

  These days I'm deeply interested in mysteries, legends, and vintage stories from the past. Stories no one has ever heard...Stories of the forgotten. 

Traciy Curry-Reyes Writing Portfolio

  *News Media Outlets That Featured My Articles Inquisitr Lisa Eatmon, Roscoe Glinton: Pregnant Mom's Body Found Floating in Hudson River Reminds of Laci Peterson Case Article   PDF Lance Herndon: Black Atlanta Millionaire Found Dead in Bed Murdered After Sex with Dionne Baugh on Investigation Discovery Tonight Article PDF Ana Trujillo, Stefan Andersson: Snapped Will Feature Case of 'Stiletto Heel Killer' Ana Lilia Trujillo Fox on Oxygen Tonight Article PDF Sharon Kinne, Patricia Jones: 'La Pistolera' Killer's Story on ID's A 'Crime to Remember'--Where Is She Now? Article PDF  Shelley Mook '48 Hours' Missing Tennessee Mom's Body Never Found  Article PDF Susan Daniels Smith: 'Betrayed'-- Mark Putnam FBI Killer of Pregnant Informant Found Dead in Pikeville, Kentucky Subject of New Crime Series on ID Article PDF Susie Newsome, Fritz Klenner: 'Snapped Killer Couples' Ends Season with a Shocking Southern Crime Article PDF Shari

My TV Show Appearances

My TV Show Appearances: Traciy Curry-Reyes has appeared as a true-crime expert in several television documentaries on   A merica’s favorite true crime channels . TV One Fatal Attraction Lance Herndon and Dionne Baugh— (Millionaire Murder) Exondia Salado and Manny Salado—episode (A Wooded Path) Mekole Harris, Clarence Jenkins, and Carman Jenkins—episode (A Deadly Message) Christie Neely and Shawn Southerland—episode (Excess Baggage) Kizzie Styles and Monroe Finley—episode (Sex, Drugs, and Murder) Marisha Jeter and Pernell Thompson—episode (Deadly Ultimatum) Shari Bethel and Deon Cartmell—episode (Lethal Weapon) Leon Baucham, Jacqueline Ray , and Umeko Roberts—episode (Death Trap) William Charles Lewis, Rosa Lewis, and Cynthia Floyd Rolle—episode (Shooting Spree) Tiffany Bailey, Deunta Grier—episode (An Unlikely Witness) Justice By Any Means Richelle Ransom, Rosaline ‘Rhonda’ Ransom Lee, and Bobbie Lee Taylor Chauncey Bailey and Devaughndre Broussard For My Man Dominique Atk

Back Down Memory Lane...My Old True Crime Notes and Movies Based On True Stories Blogs

Here are a few of my old websites. They are still available at the Way Back Machine. Just click redirect. It takes a minute to come up. TV Crime Sky  TV Crime Sky was my first news website. I owned the site from 2017 until June of 2021. It was included in Google News. TV Crime Sky  Movies Based on True Stories Database Between 1998 and 1999, I housed my original research at GeoCities before I began writing professionally. Movies Based on True Stories Database Movies Based on True Stories Archives This site was an unedited blog that I ran for several years after GeoCities shut down. Movies Based on True Stories Archives