Traciy Curry-Reyes Biography

Originally from Alabama, Traciy Curry-Reyes has always had a desire to research true-crime cases. Her passion for storytelling began as a child when she ripped and saved crime cases from the local newspaper and listened to her grandmother's riveting true stories.

Traciy began writing as a crime and movie blogger in the 1990s and was the first to compile a list of movies based on true stories and match them to the real people who inspired the made-for-TV-movie. The excitement surrounding the stories helped establish a strong fan base of active followers for many years on her movies based on true stories blogs and Facebook page. 

Between 2013 & 2017, Traciy wrote news for Examiner and Inquisitr. Her research and articles have been the basis for over 20 true crime television series episodes and referenced in several books & podcasts.
In 2016, Traciy Curry-Reyes founded TV Crime Sky and maintained the news site until 2021.

That same year (2021), Traciy Curry-Reyes’ investigative piece Dead Darrius received over 1 million views on her YouTube channel. For that story, she investigated a decades-old urban legend that lasted for decades to see if it was true. 

Today, the true crime writer delves into long-forgotten, untold true-crime mysteries you’ve never heard. And she still investigates movies based on true stories and the real cases that inspire them. 

Traciy Curry-Reyes attended Jefferson State Community College and The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

She is the mother of two children: Ivy Brook, (1st marriage) and Valentín (2nd marriage.) Her husband, Teo, is from Veracruz, Mexico. 

They have been married for 16 years. She speaks fluent Spanish.